Our Services

“Client” means for us, our biggest resource, and this is the reason why we wish to grant him the best service possible up to expectations.
provides a full and skilled support granting the utmost discretion and privacy during and after the process of negotiation.
Relying on the LAKE+COMO team means ensuring that the sale of your home and the purchase of the real estate of your dream happen in the utmost ease and professionalism from the very beginning; enjoying several services, including:

Home hunting

  1. Accurate and focused research of the real estate, considering and matching needs, possibilities and wishes of the customer, on specific mandate too (home hunting)


  1. Evaluation of the real market value of the real estate, in order to shorten sale times and to grant to both parties the right price
  2. Analysis of the typology and entity of the developments under the structural and aesthetic point of view; planning and timing of the works (in case they are needed); for those owners who want to show their property in the best way to sell it (home staging) as well as for those buyers who want to renovate the purchased home.
  3. Organisation of photo shoot of the real estates </
  4. Focused advertisement, for free, through the publication of the real estate advertisement on our website and on the main specialized web portals

Support and assistance

  1. Regular updating of the activities carried out
  2. Translation service in case of deals with foreigner customers
  3. Complete contractual assistance: from the writing of the preliminary contract of purchase to the signing of the notarial deed
  4. Consultation and assistance for utilities contract; electricity, gas, water, telephone/data
  5. Project management as support of the operative development of the refurbishment-renovation projects
  6. Support and assistance of legal and fiscal experts